Reports and Surveys | June 29, 2019

Q2 Update to the 2019 Investment Outlook

When considering future opportunities, investors, in assessing the delicate balance between geopolitics, fiscal and monetary policies, and the capital markets, likewise seek to unite behind comprehensible and consistent actions and pronouncements from the various super characters each with their fingers poised on some sort of trigger, from interest rates to deficits to military action.

In the summer of 2019, many of us, when asked to rally in support of the common cause of persistent economic growth and solid price appreciation across risk assets, are struggling to put our chips on the table given the mixed signals broadcast by those important players.
Brexit-Triggered Uncertainty in Europe

This 2019 market review for the second quarter is our Q2 update to our 2019 investment outlook.

It covers Canada specifically, as well as developing and developed markets.

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