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Benefits Communication

Good for you. Good for your people.

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You’re offering it. Communicate it.

Segal Benz, our communications firm, is a national leader in HR and benefits communication.

They advise organizations on how to get their people engaged in all the programs and services offered by HR, including total rewards and benefits.

Serving a broad group of organizations —  including many Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For and other respected corporations, prestigious universities and colleges, large public employers and multiemployer plans — Segal Benz helps great organizations inspire people to improve their health, their finances and their futures.

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Evidenced-based strategies

Evidenced-based strategies

Segal Benz created the industry standards. Now they challenge and improve upon them, through research, writing presentations and resources.

Aligning benefits with business

Aligning benefits with business

By considering how benefits fit into your wider strategy, Segal Benz ties benefits communication to the specific behaviors needed to get results.

Personalized communications

Personalized communications

With a clear plan in place, Segal Benz builds resources and campaigns truly tailored to your people’s needs and experiences.

Delivering all year round

Delivering all year round

Segal Benz works across every channel —  from print to social — to drive your people to action, all year long. 

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Driven, passionate and creative.

Segal Benz combines the science of behavioral economics with the best of communications strategy and design.

Our complete range of strategic communications services covers:

  • strategy development
  • custom website and portal design, buildout, maintenance, and hosting
  • survey and focus-group design and execution
  • the creation and delivery of campaigns across all communication channels  from traditional to cutting-edge

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