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Benefits Administration

Optimize service. Reduce costs. Increase efficiency.

Simple and flexible benefits administration

Administering benefits can be challenging, especially in today’s ever-changing environment.

From how your participants and members feel when they contact you to how easily they can access their information, your benefits administration should connect seamlessly with every other aspect of your organization. 

We’ll work with you to improve your benefits administration from the ground up and help you achieve your short and long-term goals.

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Where benefits consulting meets administration

Identify issues

Identify issues

Segal’s assessments will identify the parts of your benefits operation that need fine-tuning and updating and the parts that may need to be completely transformed. 

Improve processes

Improve processes

Once we’ve identified what needs to change, we’ll work with you on key improvements. Working closely with you from start to finish, we can compare costs, review software, manage change, consider staffing needs and more.

Implement solutions

Implement solutions

We’ll get you everything you need to function efficiently and effectively. Our team can recommend the right organizational structure, establish performance monitoring, suggest new technology and introduce workflows and process improvements to ensure your success.

Develop new ideas

Develop new ideas

Improvement never ends. We'll continue to look at what we implement in order to identify new issues as they arise. 

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Benefits administration client stories: how Segal helped.

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Your solution, not any solution.

In everything we do, we work with you to develop the solution that fits your situation and your specific goals and needs.

That can include the following and plenty more:

  • Operational and technology reviews
  • Call center assessments and feasibility studies
  • Third party administrator (TPA) selection
  • Workflow redesign and change management
  • Staff recruiting, succession planning and compensation studies
  • IT assessments
  • Market analysis and benchmarking

What do you need to do now to ensure the future success of your benefits administration office?

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Benefits administration: our latest insights.

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