Client Stories | April 13, 2019

Effective Performance Management — Helping Your People

For your organization to thrive, your people need to feel that your success is their success. Effective performance management will help ensure you get the most out of your most talented.

Effective performance management strategies involve far more than just throwing money at your people. You need to put in place systems that in turn create a culture where your people feel motivated to not only go the extra mile with their everyday duties, but to align their personal futures with that of the organization's.

Effective performance management

Effective performance management?

How do you accomplish it? The specifics will depend on the individual organization, but broadly speaking our team will help with the four following factors critical to success.

  • Executives model a high performance culture and use the process at the top
  • Individual expectations are aligned with the goals and objectives of both the unit and the organization
  • Leaders, managers and employees understand the process and their responsibilities
  • Communication occurs regularly and feedback is aligned with rewards and consequences

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Why invest in effective performance management?

The rewards you and your organization reap from focusing on effective performance management can spell the difference between success and ruin. These strategies help you:

  • Target critical talent for development and retention
  • Execute strategy by prioritizing and aligning goals and objectives
  • Improve group and individual performance
  • Make pay decisions based on performance and desired results
  • Identify top performers to develop a succession plan

These benefits all play a huge role in determining the success of your company or organization for today and tomorrow, which is why it's so crucial to draft these strategies with expert help.

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How we've helped with performance management

You can't reach success without first knowing from where you're starting, which is why we offer the Effective Performance Management Scorecard (EPM Scorecard) to help you assess the shape of your current performance management strategies. In this case study, the EPM Scorecard told the leadership of a large, for-profit organization exactly where they needed to improve in order to stay on track.

The issue

The Human Resources (HR) leadership of a large for-profit organization knew their performance management program was not working, but was having difficulty identifying what areas needed the most work. They requested our assistance in increasing the effectiveness of their current performance management program.

Our solution

After completing the Scorecard, the HR leadership discovered their organization inconsistently executed their current performance management program. When the program was initially designed and implemented, it was developed as a centralized one-fits-all program with a common, shared set of tools and practices. Over the years, however, different departments developed their own methods for conducting performance reviews. Some had even designed their own forms; other departments simply refused to comply with the program.

The Scorecard also revealed problems with the leadership's approach to the current program. Similar to the execution of the program, leadership support varied throughout the organization. While a handful of leaders believed in performance management and ensured that it was carried out within their departments, others simply told their employees to disregard the program and “not do it,” as it was a waste of time.

The result

Our team and the HR leadership determined the current program was still well-suited to the organization, but needed an overhaul in terms of execution and support.

The organization launched a program re-implementation that focused on getting the leaders of the organization to understand the importance and benefits of effective performance management and begin to model the appropriate attitudes and behaviours to their direct reports and departments. Leaders were expected to participate in the program and were held accountable for their departments’ participation and the success of the program.

The organization also required training to improve the execution of performance management throughout all levels of the organization. All program participants, from the leaders down to the staff, were required to attend several sessions on performance management.


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