Reports and Surveys | May 20, 2020

Q1 Update to the 2020 Investment Outlook

In our January 2020 Investment Outlook, we concluded that the world in general looked poised for persistent growth which, while at a fairly modest level generally, would continue to support risk assets for the next 12 to 18 months. We noted, however, that there were potential risks to this result in the form of unexpected exogenous causes that one could speculate about, but not predict the specifics (timing or severity) with any accuracy.

But we didn’t see this one coming at all. We don’t think anyone really did.

This 2020 market review for the first quarter is our Q1 update to our 2020 Investment Outlook.

It covers Canada specifically, as well as developing and developed markets.

For even more insight into this Investment Outlook update, please watch our webinar where our panel discusses the issues covered by the report.

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