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Proper Talent Planning Makes Every Day Feel Like a Friday

How you attract, retain and motivate your top people will shape the future of your organization. Our team can help make sure you're making the right moves toward success.

You shouldn't take any chances when it comes to developing and putting in place the systems that foster new talent for your organization. Whether it's coming up with the proper incentives to bring in fresh new talent or creating the space to let your star people grow into new roles, you'll want help — the kind we've been giving clients for decades.

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How we can help with your talent planning

Finding the right talent requires a set of integrated talent management standards and processes. Many organization’s talent management programs are not in alignment or are not well executed to truly produce better talent. There are three key factors to building organization capability:

  • Take a comprehensive business and organizational strategy perspective when assessing talent
  • Coordinate and connect each element of talent management into a single continuous process
  • Align talent management with and integrate into business planning

Integrated talent management supports organization capability by aligning processes and decisions with key talent segments. We can help you develop an integrated talent management system that will enable your organization to:

  • Better understand future talent requirements globally
  • Anticipate and address talent gaps
  • Define the requirements of core roles
  • Improve the ability to attract, develop, engage and retain talent in core roles in the short- and long-term
  • Improve ability to measure and manage talent
  • Ensure that rewards not only differentiate high performance but also recognize and retain critical talent and high potentials

How we've helped with talent planning 

Here’s an example of how one client took advantage of our talent planning expertise to help them succeed.

The issue

The R&D function of this leading pharmaceutical company was forced to rethink the way it developed the talent required to implement its re-engineered drug development process due to competitive pressures to increase speed to market (as well as revolutionary changes in technology).

Our solution

The company implemented a strategic approach to building talent to ensure that the business had the right people with the right skills at the right time based on current and anticipated future business needs. The strategic development approach included the following components:

  • Strategic Competency Models: The knowledge, skills and behaviors most important to executing each department’s strategy and goals were defined by job family. These models provided the foundation for talent development efforts.
  • High-Impact Learning Experiences: A detailed review of those learning experiences with the greatest impact on talent development was undertaken. From this, specific experiences were identified that focused on building talent through “stretch” work assignments, action learning and coaching and mentoring.
  • Strategic Talent Review Forums: Senior management forums were instituted as a normal course of business. Business strategy and goals were identified and reviewed. Implications for the type of talent needed also were determined. Talent reviews were then conducted to identify potential talent gaps in each function. Management used review results to drive decisions regarding talent sourcing (internal vs. external staffing decisions) and development (job assignments, project participation and training).
  • Measurement: Several measures were established to determine the effectiveness of the strategic talent development process. These included change in individual competency proficiency and organization capability year over year, ability to fill key positions and staff key assignments and internal customer satisfaction.

The results

The strategic talent development process has enabled this organization to take proactive steps to ensure that it has the talent needed to drive research and development.

Senior management now has the means to identify and implement actions that ensure it has the right quantity, type and quality of talent. Feedback from employees indicates improved understanding of performance and development expectations as well as the actions required to deliver on these expectations.

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